Information and links to featured clients of Art by Diane Jacky.



eFowl  -  Close to 200 Jacky images grace their website.   Great  resource for quality chicks and equipment.  See_website


Ideal Poultry  -   America's largest supplier of backyard poultry, employing Jacky art since 1988.  See website


Karlheinz Sollfrank  -  Director of the German Pigeon Museum in Nuremberg, Germany, and owner of the world's largest collection of original Jacky art.  See more


I-5 Publishing  -  Frequent publisher of Jacky art for their high-quality popular magazines.  See website


Ogden Publications  -  Publisher of well-known GRIT Magazine,  has put many of Diane Jacky's poultry images to effective and informative use.  see website


American Poultry Association  -  Authoritative publisher of the respected APA Book of Standards, displaying hundreds of Diane Jacky's accurate breed depictions.  see website


Murray McMurray Hatchery  -  America's largest rare breed hatchery has been a valued client for over 20 years.  See more


Randall Burkey  -  America's expert and highly-respected supplier of poultry supply and equipment makes good use of Jacky art in both their website and catalogs.  see website




Heartfelt appreciation goes to the many wonderful people who have supported Diane Jacky's art.  The clients featured here highlight a range of interests in the artist's work.

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Over 40 years of illustrating domestic birds for publication.



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